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Band Beginings

Takapuna Country Music Club

In the early 90's I used to go along to the Takapuna Country Music Club with my sister, Karen, and friend Jim Morrogh.  They both encouraged me to play with a "country feel" (mmm. still trying)

I remember the first few times, standing on stage with four other musos.  People from the club would come up on stage and say. "It's in G."  and that was that!!  My first attempt at improvised jamming or lugging as they call it in Aussie.  I nearly had kittens when they turned around and said  "Fiddle solo!"  smiled and pointed at me.   Well those were horrifying yet challenging and exciting days.  I met some really neat folk, including Sally Burgess, Dave Reid, Ron and Meryl Nichols, and  Jeannine Beatie.   Jeannine and I  have become great friends and now sing together in "The Southern Cross Band."

1992 - Beau  Luke and Duke - Cask and Cleaver

Myself, David Reid, and Pat Olsen played many a night at the Cask and Cleaver, as "Beau, Luke and Duke."  My very first 'gigging for money' band.  We decided to enter the Auckland Country Music Awards in 1993.  We asked Jeannine Beatie to join us, and that year, we one the Best Vocal Group, plus the Overall Runner-up.  That was cool!!. 

I met some amazing people that year. People who've stayed good friends since. I even remember meeting Maria Scott for the first time in the toilets at the Town Hall.  She looked gorgeous, (as she always does) and was so friendly, she made me feel really good, 'cause I was nervous as. That's also the time I met Sel Nash. Who of course  is now the Rhythm Guitarist and Lead Vocalist in our "Southern Cross Band."  Yay!!

June 1993 - The Boot Scootin' Boogie Band

Ross Simms joined us on bass.  Pat was becoming a very busy dad, left the band, Dave changed our name to 'The Boot Scootin' Boogie Band'. and a new chapter began.
Line dancing was becoming increasingly popular by now, so a line dancing country band was just what Auckland needed.  We actually ended up going on Tour throughout New Zealand.  Line dancing was sweeping the country in a huge way.  Even Paul Holmes of T.V. One, came up to the Cask and Cleaver and put us all on his "Holmes" programme.
The McSweeney Brothers

Paddy Hallissey rang me out of the blue while I was in Thames.  He asked me if I'd like to be in an Irish Band. I told him I didn't know ANYTHING about Irish music, but was happy to learn and have a go. 11 years later, we're still playing together. I'm still learning, and just loving the close friendships I've made.

The 'Line Up' over the years:.
Phill McSweeney, Paddy Hallissey, Peter Williams & myself
Eddie McIntyre, Paddy Hallissey, Peter Williams & myself
Eddie McIntyre, Paddy Halliessey, Alastair Dougal, & myself